• Image of Onsmith Marz Editions Print
  • Image of Onsmith Marz Editions Print

Onsmith the cartoonist, a "documentarian of modern isolation and purveyor of grim humor", was born in 1977 in Janesville, WI and grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. Jokingly called by his supervisor, a "reluctant banker", much of his content is concerned with work, alienation, self-reflection and misery. His comics, prints, and illustrations have been exhibited around the country, self-published as mini-comics like Claptrap, The BOD, and can be found in anthologies such as Best American Comics 2014, Black Eye, Studygroup Comics, Hotwire Comix and Capers, An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons & True Stories, The Graphic Canon, Lumpen Magazine, and many other publications. Longtime collaborator with fellow artist, Paul Nudd, the two had a retrospective exhibit entitled "Metaphysical Meatloaf" at Western Exhibitions featuring eight years of their art. In addition to his bank job, he also teaches illustration and comics at The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College.


18" by 24"
140# Construction Pure White paper
Printed by Salty Broad Press
Edition of 40