• Image of Chris Kerr Marz Editions Print

Chris Kerr was an active participant in the Chicago art scene from 1999-2016. In 2016 four of his exhibited paintings were deemed lewd and lascivious and abruptly censored from a solo show in a downtown-Chicago gallery. Disgraced and ostracized, Kerr retreated from the art scene only later to reemerge on Instagram as the self-proclaimed, "Greatest Doodler That's Ever Lived." His lewd and lascivious doodles can be viewed on his Instagram account: @neocountry

18" by 24"
140# Construction Pure White paper

Marz Editions - Print Club

Paul Nudd is our official Artist in Residence and curator of Marz Editions, 2019. Marz Editions is an artist Print Club series that will be released throughout the year.

Nudd completed his Brewhouse Mural in 2018 and has contributed art to many Marz beer labels. He is represented by Western Exhibitions in Chicago.