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Chris Cajero Cilla Marz Editions Print

Chris Cajero Cilla was born & raised in Tucson, Arizona. He’s the cult cartoonist behind the graphic novel The Heavy Hand & comic book series Blue Onion. The Sleep Gas, a collection of his recent comics work, is forthcoming from Fantagraphics Underground. His comics have appeared in Kramers Ergot, Corpus Corpus, & Vision Quest comics newspaper, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Helsinki, Lucern, San Francisco, Seattle, and Detroit. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he runs Sardine Can Press.

18" by 24"
140# Construction Pure White paper
Printed by Salty Broad Press
Edition of 40

Marz Editions - Print Club

Paul Nudd is our official Artist in Residence and curator of Marz Editions, 2019. Marz Editions is an artist Print Club series that will be released throughout the year.

Nudd completed his Brewhouse Mural in 2018 and has contributed art to many Marz beer labels.